Enabling Electric Vehicles

We eliminate the obstacles to EV charger installation for  grocery stores. shopping centers. big box retailers. malls. restaurants.

Making EV Chargers Simple

Electric Vehicles are the future of transportation and over the next several years we’re going to see the rapid transformation of the US vehicle fleet to electric. A widespread EV charging network is a necessary component of this technology shift and we’ll need EV charging stations everywhere people park their cars; grocery stores, shopping centers, big box retailers, malls, restaurants, etc. Unfortunately the installation of typical charging stations is expensive upfront, costly over the long term, requires disruptive construction, requires ongoing maintenance and technology upgrades and limits land use options. While the charging network is growing, these obstacles are limiting the rapid growth of our charging infrastructure and hindering EV adoption.

BrightCharge has developed a product and business model that eliminates every single obstacle to EV charger installation for commercial customers. We make EV chargers simple. If you are a commercial property owner, retailer or restaurateur and you’re looking for an EV charging solution please reach out to us. We’re also seeking qualified investors to help us build the transportation infrastructure of the new energy economy, let’s build the future together!

What We Do

  • Eliminate all obstacles to EV charger installation
  • Provide level 2 EV charging powered primarily with clean solar energy
  • Remove upfront cost and ongoing electricity charges
  • Eliminate digging, trenching, patching parking lots, electrical connections
  • We handle all maintenance and technology upgrades over time
  • Provide an ROI for our customers
We’re a new company currently seeking early stage investment. Kindly fill out the contact form below, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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